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  • PURSONIC RECHARGEABLE SONIC FACIAL CLEANER PCPS360R For use by both men and women; Gentle movement provides deep cleaning for breaking up dirt, preventing clogged pores, and prevents blackheads from developing 3 modes for different cleaning purposes.
  • 1st mode: Deep cleaning with 300 movements/sec.
  • 2nd mode: Sensitive cleaning with 500 movements/sec.
  • 3rd mode: Massaging USB charging stand, perfect for traveling Auto shut off after 1 minute of cleaning Every 10 seconds the unit will vibrate to alert you to clean a different area of your face.
  • After 1 minute the unit will shut off automatically Water-resistant handle This wonderful facial cleansing brush will leave you feeling refreshed as it gently breaks up surface impurities including dirt, dead skin cells, and make-up residues.
  • Unlike most other facial cleansers the Pursonic FC360r uses real sonic movement to clean your face and it doesn't just rotate in circles like the more inexpensive models.
  • It has an electric On/Off switch with mode memory setting, charging indicator with LED light, rechargeable battery, and includes 4 replaceable facial brush heads with soft bristles.
  • The slim & compact design makes it portable and easy to travel with.

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