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  • The igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S lock provides the convenience of keyless access with the comfort of security.
  • It is the world�__s slimmest smart deadbolt, measuring at 11mm (less than 0.
  • 5 inches) thickness for front panel.
  • Modes of access The smart lock can be managed via PIN codes or Bluetooth keys, even offline, allowing for property management anywhere in the world at any time.
  • Further, it can be accessed by physical keys for flexibility.
  • Time-sensitive entry and access logs via mobile app Start and end times for PIN codes and Bluetooth keys can be customized via the igloohome app, securing the property after each use.
  • Access logs are also provided, so that users can track date and time of visitor access.
  • Bluetooth key access logs are updated in real time, while PIN code access logs are updated when the master owner uses a bluetooth key.
  • Product features Other key features include security lockout mode, low battery warning, anti-panic exit system, electrostatic discharge prevention, tamper alarm, emergency power supply, and sensor re-lock.
  • The Deadbolt 2S is suited for residential and commercial property owners alike.
  • Unlike most other Bluetooth locks in the market, guest users do not need to download an app to unlock the Deadbolt.
  • Hosts can choose to send a PIN code to guests, without needing to sync the information with the lock in Bluetooth range.
  • Airbnb, API integration & Enterprise Solutions Airbnb hosts can also integrate their calendars with their igloohome accounts for automatic generation of PIN codes for guests with no extra fees (Airbnb Connect).
  • Igloohome also offers a web dashboard and API integration for project partners, enterprises and co-living and co-sharing space management.
  • Manage large numbers of igloohome devices, and incorporate them into partner systems with igloohome�__s smart access solutions.
  • Works offline, but is also capable of working with other smart home devices igloohome�__s innovative encryption technology allows its locks to work without Internet access, increasing reliability against Wi-Fi hacking/disruption.
  • Should users prefer to be connected, igloohome�__s products can be integrated with other smart home devices such as Google Home and Alexa via an external hub.
  • This allows for actions such as the remote unlocking of the Deadbolt 2S, and the retrieval of access logs via voice direction.
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